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Snowshoeing tourOn the ridges of Azet

testFamily snowshoeing on the Crêtes d’Azet

The Azet ridges are accessible from the Azet pass located at 1585 m altitude. A panoramic view of the Aure and Louron valleys awaits you there! An experience to live with your family or as a lover…

Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, the Azet pass connects the Aure valley and the Louron valley, the viewpoint allows you to see the 3 resorts: Saint-Lary, Val Louron and Peyragudes.

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Starting point of the hike : The Col d'Azet 1585m.

From Saint-Lary follow the direction Sailhan Azet. At the village of Azet continue towards the Col d’Azet. For this Snowshoeing Walk on the Azet ridges, although very accessible, we have chosen to be accompanied by a guide who will take us off the beaten track in order to make the most of this hike in complete safety.

After an efficient distribution of people in the vehicles, to limit the number and the loading of the equipment, here we go in convoy behind the car of our guide towards the Azet pass
The journey to the pass took place at the rhythm of “Ho”, “Ha” or “Holala as it is beautiful!”
As we went up, the sun, the snow and the sky was more and more pure and dazzling

In the family
Magnificent panorama on 2 Valleys

In ecstasy in front of incredible views from the beginning to the end of the walk!

As we take the trail that slopes gently up to the Azet ridges, in the distance we see a relay antenna that we are heading towards. It’s a warm-up that allows us to get used to our equipment! We continue our progression by leaving the trail to reach the ridge line with a breathtaking view of the Louron valley, the Peyragudes pass and the Peyragudes resort. A little further on the ridge we discover the grandiose panorama on the Valley of Aure, the summit of the Arbizon and the ski area of Saint Lary.

We are in ecstasies of in front of the beauty of the landscapes and it is a real pleasure for the whole family. Time to go back the other way and the sun was starting to disappear behind the peaks.
Below, it was already a long time since Saint-lary and the valley was in the shade.


We will keep the memory of this superb afternoon in blue and white for a long time, which we ended in beauty around a raclette between friends. If you have time when you return from your hike do not hesitate to visit the village of Azet or Sailhan.