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At the Saint-Lary market

A time to stroll and fill your basket!


The Saint-Lary market takes place every Saturday morning. During the winter season it is held on the parking lot of the…market.

Then it takes its wings on the parking lot of the cable car, larger and on the edge of the village, facing the Lumière peak: you feel almost in the middle of nature, lulled by the sound of the Neste d’Aure.

By Hugues Enond

Like an air of Sud Ouest

As with most of my stays in Saint-Lary, I obviously went to the market to find this warm atmosphere where colors, scents and the hubbub are so characteristic.


Wandering through the alleys of the Saint-Lary market obviously allows you to find fresh fruits and vegetables at the greengrocers, to hesitate to buy this or that pair of sunglasses, new binoculars for the next hike, or clothes.

Local producers

But the main interest is to meet local producers, discover their activities (meat, honey, cheeses…), taste their products, and exchange: these men and women, major players in the life of the valley, will speak to you with passion about their profession and their territory.

These farm producers have moreover created an association, named “D’Aure en Louron à la découverte de nos fermes”, which includes about thirty members. They distribute a small booklet that presents each of them and indicates their contact information and each market in which they participate, as well as the schedules for visiting their farms.

And finally...

Let's go to the tasting!

After meeting them at the Saint-Lary market and discovering their products, you will undoubtedly want to go visit these producers to share their experience.


I’ll leave you: I’m going to go from this step, taste the fresh and quality products I couldn’t resist!”

Products directly from the producers

coffee time ...

Don’t hesitate to get up early to make the most of our country markets and join a bar table for a coffee!