At the beginning

Essentially agricultural and pastoral, Aure valley was preserved from the XIXth century industrial revolution. Only some rare slates or ores extractions exploitations were born. It was also a very popular crossing point for pilgrims, merchants, traffickers, exiled… and herds! Aure valley was administratively relatively independent, and maintained close relationships with Spain.

At the end of the XIX century the rural exodus has increased, Aure valley wasn’t an exception. This phenomenon was afterward reversed at the end of the Second World War and of the Marshall Plan big hydroelectric works.

Audacious Works

A lot of shipyards allowed to Saint-Lary to develop itself.

Thanks to the big hydroelectric work, the mayor then (Sir Vincent MIR) has been enable to expend Saint-Lary and valley population. Indeed, most of the 2 000 workers settled in the village and its surroundings. In order to preserve employment on the valley and to continue the Saint-Lary development thanks to tourism, a new work started in the end of the first: the creation of the ski resort.

In 1957, Pic Lumière cable way was inaugurated, and the merger with Soulan was done in 1963. This one enables the construction of the road access to the slopes, as well as resort development in Espiaube sector.

Successes in the chain

In 1967, the Olympic France Team chose to prepare the Grenoble Olympics games of 1968 at the Saint-Lary resort. This decision was successful as it Isabelle MIR, Vincent MIR daughter, won an argent medal in descent.

In 1974, the “Tour de France” made Saint-Lary famous: the village welcomed for the first time this national sport event. Raymond POULIDOR won the victory at the Pla d’Adet.

Year 1988 the center of the village was refurbished in stone and timber, and marks the opening of the Saint-Lary Soulan thermal baths. This proves both a will of diversify the offers and provide an annual tourist activities.