Aure Valley, engaged in the sustainable development

Preserved from wars and industrial revolution, Aure Valley through time while conserving its natural and cultural heritage. Located in one of the Saint-Jacques de Compostelle way, the valley is classified as “Pays d’Art et d’Histoire”. Its residents are attached to this place and take care about sustainable development: more than 80% of the territories are protected. Thus, Saint-Lary had implemented several actions:

  • On transport : the use of cable car or cableway for the pedestrians, ski lifts employees, street close to pedestrians on certain periods, free bus in winter between Saint-Lary, Vignec, Vieille-Aure, Bourisp, all the 15-20 minutes maximum;
  • On energy : high altitude accommodations equipped with solar panels, snow gun new generation less consumer in energy, an energy consumer optimisation politic for the city hall;
  • On development : 3 Natura 2000 areas (Néouvielle, Rioumajou, Moudang);
  • On garbage: 10 points of collect for glass, individual containers for plastics, metal and paper/cardboard, an annual day of garbage pick-up in July.


In the heart of breathtaking landscapes

Saint-Lary is located in the heart of this exceptional place. This is the ideal destination to discover the Pyrenees National Park and the Néouvielle Natural Reserve among others.

The National Park House, a free museographer space dedicated to the Pyrenees National Park. Located in the old Hachan Tower, guided or free visit will enable you to discover the different valley forests environments, ecological wood management as well as stories adapted to children. Don’t hesitate to take documentation before to go in exploration!

The important varied fauna and flora make the Néouvielle Natural Reserve as an essential area. Only accessible to pedestrians, this wild space has a lot of high lakes: Orédon Lake, Oule Lake, Cap de Long Lake, etc. The visit can be made shelter by shelter to savor completely the beauty of the place.

Finally, the Natura 2000 area Rioumajou and Moudang enable to observe several birds and Pyrenean specific vegetal species. “Exploring animations” wait for you: ride on donkeys, fishing… whatever you need don’t hesitate to take information with the Tourist Office!