A few kilometres from the village of Saint-Lary Soulan, just after Tramezaïgues, you will find Frédancon, starting point for various activities including hiking, donkey rides, fishing, discovery workshops and much more
So many travellers have used these trails, going or coming from Spain - shepherds and their flocks, armed troops and simple pilgrims... Steeped in history, filled with wildlife and a very rich flora, the valley is today a protected area.

A protected area criss crossed by hiking trails...

Deep in the valley, the Natura 2000 site "Rioumajou and Moudang" has been nominated for its remarkable forests, where you can see chamois goats, golden eagles and bearded vultures. Endemic plant species such as Androsace and Pyrenean Ramondia abound. The park is a Natural Area of Ecological Interest for Fauna and Flora. Respect for the environment being a major issue, ecological discovery events will be held at the Soule mountain cabin Frédancon all summer.


The Association “Gaul Auroise” has created two No Kill course fishing zones for brown trout, just outside the Hospice de Rioumajou: One stretch for children, 120 meters long, and one stretch for adults, 400 meters long. Of course both stretches can be used by all ages!
Olivier Malo, a qualified fishing guide, will be present on these courses two afternoons a week to help, advise and educate children from four years old in the basics of fishing and the importance of respecting the environment. Fishing equipment is provided free of charge. Nevertheless a fishing licence must be purchased (available at the Tourist Office)

Donkey rides

The Pyrenean Donkey Association offers adults and children accompanied by their parents the chance to ride on a donkey.

  • Frédancon / Hospice
  • Frédancon / Péguère
  • The cattle trail
  • Introductory rides

The Hospice du Rioumajou...

Accessible on foot or by car during the hours from the car park at Frédancon, the Hospice Rioumajou is open every day in July and August from 11 am to 5 pm. After a major renovation, the restaurant is now open for lunch on the terrace or by the fireplace, or simply to provide a refreshing drink.