The Heritage House is born for the preservation of the Pyrenean heritage.
On the one hand, the built heritage preservation by renovating the buildings that make up this Heritage House. Renovation that integrates perfectly with the Pyrenean style of the village using the typical materials of the region: wood, slate, stone.

Then, preservation of the heritage as a whole by the different spaces that compose it:
  •     The museum, which deals with various themes on the Pyrenees through different exhibitions: permanent exhibition, temporary exhibition (theme renewed every 2 years), traveling exhibition that allows to regularly address a new theme and / or a new approach to heritage Pyrenean.
  •     The "event" room, which hosts exhibitions and speakers.
  •     The shop, showcase for local producers, who are the link between past and present.
  •     The media library, with his books dealing with various topics on the Pyrenees, both for adults and for children. It is also a workspace that will eventually work with other media libraries network thus providing an extensive search space.

It is this blend of tradition, authenticity and modernity that the Maison du Patrimoine wishes to make live for you.

Practical info!

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