Certified “Famille Plus Montagne” since 2006 Saint-Lary welcome you for unforgettable holidays!

“Famille Plus Montagne” certification

This certification ensures services and benefits adapted to family, such as:

  1. A dedicated welcome to families;
  2. Animations for everyone;
  3. Prices adapted to young and older;
  4. A proximity medical services;
  5.  Present professionals and listening your children.

Saint-Lary commitments

Really attentive to parent needs and expectations in holiday with their children, this authentic village provides several activities for everyone: easy hikes, playful route in the trees, swimming pool, Maison de l’Ours …

This commitments results in Saint-Lary by:
  • Infrastructures: services dedicated to the children (day nursery in the village, games for children, merry-go-round, route of orientation, etc.);
  • Activities for end of the day: the Sensoria Rio to relax in family after a hikes day, or “Maison du Patrimoine”, “Maison du Parc National”, cinema, swimming pool, etc.;
  • Providers: their offers are adapted to families with for instance children club, game area and children menu in restaurants, etc.;
  • Offers: prices and promotions specially dedicated to families.
All these advantages proves that Saint-Lary makes every efforts to stay THE family resort of reference.

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