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The Aure valley

The valley borders the Pyrenees National Park and the Néouvielle Nature Reserve… It benefits from an exceptional natural heritage that it is committed to preserve.

The strong points

of our valley
Spain , The ski resort


Near the Spanish border, the direct access to the region of Sobrarbe in Aragonthanks to the Bielsa Tunnel is one of the assets of the valley. The Sobrarbe is an exceptional region with an amazing geological heritage. Canyons and rivers rival each other in beauty.

The Aure valley is mainly pastoral but the village of Saint-Lary developed rapidly after the war. Major construction projects were carried out. The construction of large hydroelectric dams at altitude such as thecap de long dam and the Saint-Lary ski resort whose development began in 1957.

Protected by its peaks

A sunny valley

At the foot of the Pyrenees National Park and the Néouvielle Nature Reserve… Saint-Lary is attached to its natural heritage!

The Arbizon peak (2,831) protects it from the western weather, it is the guardian angel of the valley, which allows it to enjoy a sunny climate. The valley is a pleasant place and preserved from industrial development.

The must-haves

In the heart of the Pyrenees National Park

Discover the Réserve Naturelle du Néouvielle and its lakes, which are part of the must-see nos grands sites.

Accessible to hikers, this unique and wild space is dotted with multiple high altitude lakes. There are no less than 70 of them including the lakes of Orédon, Oule, Aubert and Aumar as well as the barrage of Cap de Long. It is a paradise for hiking. Many routes are realized from refuge to refuge to fully savor the beauty of the site.

The valleys of Rioumajou and Moudang, classified as a “Natura 2000”site, allow you to observe many birds but also plant species specific to the Pyrenees. “Discovery animations” await you, as well as donkey rides. Whether to fish or to walk, do not hesitate to inquire.

The Géla Valley also deserves the attention of hikers. This pastoral valley stretches along a torrent (la géla) to end on the cirque of Barroude dominated by its famous Wall. This site is classified as a World Heritage Site by unesco.

A valley committed to sustainable development

The Aure Valley has managed to pass through time while preserving its natural and cultural heritage. Its inhabitants are attached to this place of life and ensure sustainable development: more than 80% of the territories are protected.


The use of the cableway or gondola for pedestrians, ski lift personnel, streets closed to pedestrians during certain periods, free shuttles in winter between Saint-Lary, Vignec, Vielle-Aure, Bourisp, every 15-20 minutes.


Altitude shelters equipped with photovoltaic solar panels, new generations of snow guns that consume less energy, a policy of optimizing energy consumption for the town hall.


Three zones Natura 2000 Néouvielle, Rioumajou and Moudang. The commune has revised its Local Urban Plan with an environmental approach. It ensures the preservation of natural heritage, biodiversity and ecological continuity.


The commune and the community of communes have set up a network of semi-buried containers where yellow and black bags and glass can be deposited at any time, 24 hours a day. (20 cleanliness points on the resort and Soulan and 30 in Saint-Lary village.)

An annual mountain waste collection day takes place in July.


The dry toilets in Frédancon in the Valley of Rioumajou were replaced in 2016. (first installation since 1990).

In order to limit the risk of pollution, a 2000 L tank was put in place for the collection of chemical toilets from motor homes still in Frédancon.